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Organizational Context

The Association for Solidarity with Asylum Seekers and Migrants (SGDD-ASAM) is a non-governmental organization working to facilitate and support the access of refugees in our country to basic rights and services. ASAM is committed to protecting and improving the well-being of all children, youth and adults, especially children and adults in need of care and support, and to creating safe spaces and expects all staff and volunteers to fulfill this commitment. In this context, Association for Solidarity with Asylum Seekers Precaution and Support Principles Document against Sexual Exploitation, Sexual Abuse and Sexual Harassment was prepared. In addition, ASAM accepts the “Zero Tolerance” policy against Sexual Exploitation and Abuse.

Job Description

  • Monitoring, evaluation, reporting, learning and data quality assurance processes and building a culture of continuous quality improvement across the hub’s programs.
  • Carrying out the works within the scope of monitoring and evaluation in order for the program activities to be implemented as planned and contributing to the work being carried out
  • Following up on the work of the unit to make assignments related to unit responsibilities,
  • Determining the needs of the unit, taking necessary actions in line with these needs, and planning the training to be organized
  •  In case of any disparity between the planned and actual outputs of projects or programs, helping to solve problems and develop remedial actions by addressing this issue,
  •  Making statistical updates in line with the project objectives, analyzing the data, identifying possible problems that may affect the monitoring and evaluation processes, and offering appropriate solutions,
  • Preparing, analyzing and interpreting the weekly/monthly/yearly and other requested internal reports and statistics of the relevant project or the unit,
  •  Informing the project coordinators about the actions to be taken according to the project objectives and the results of the interpretation of the reports, 
  • Providing M&E-focused contact and corporate representation with program partners, donors and other stakeholders,
  • Measuring the impact of the activities determined in the program on the beneficiaries and interpreting the data on the provision of services in different ways and types, 
  • Advising employee who enters data in the field and, if necessary, providing training to other employees working at the headquarter on monitoring and evaluation processes and tools
  • Following the development of Monitoring and Evaluation functions in the field of humanitarian aid at the global and local levels, implementing the developments in their own work area, following good practice examples and conveying them to their colleagues,
  • Archiving the shared reports and the data covered by these reports, 
  • Working closely with the other departments of the association,
  • Contributing to the development and improvement of data collection tools and ensuring that these tools meet project reporting needs, 
  • Contributing to the activities to be carried out on behalf of the institution, which is necessary for the operation of the unit, as well as the program monitoring, evaluation and reporting requirements.
  • Ensuring the accurate and timely collection of monitoring data, regularly following the data entries and feedback of the field,
  • Reviewing the periodic technical reports of the implementing partners and giving feedback when necessary,
  • The M&E Coordinator will also undertake any other functions or responsibilities which may be assigned by the General Coordinators.

General Qualifications and Competencies

  • Graduated from related departments of universities Social Sciences, Economics and Administrative Sciences etc. (Preferably having a Master’s, Doctorate degree), 
  • At least 5 years of experience in related areas, preferably 1 year as a Team / Unit leader,
  • Advanced level of written and spoken English,
  • Having knowledge and experience in qualitative and quantitative research methodologies,
  • Having a basic knowledge of data visualization and at least one of the related programs (PowerBI, Google Data Studio etc.),
  • Having knowledge of SQL (Intermediate Level) and Python (Basic Level),
  • Evaluating numerical and non-numerical data, making necessary analyzes, interpreting and drawing conclusions,
  • Using MS Office programs,
  • Having the ability and attention to control, monitor and coordinate many components at the same time, with high planning and organizational skills,
  • Experiencing in working with teams with different needs and dynamics,
  • Being successful in human relations and having strong communication skills,
  • Having effective presentation skills, strong representation and expression skills,
  • No travel restrictions,
  • Residing or willing to reside in Ankara are sought.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. No information will be given via phone and e-mail.