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ASAM is a non-governmental organization that implements projects with a view to facilitating and supporting the access of individuals to fundamental rights and services. ASAM aims to protect and enhance the well-being of all persons to which it provides service, in particular children and adults in need of care and support, and to create safe spaces for them; it also expects all staff members and volunteers to fulfil this commitment. In this connection, ASAM has drawn up the ASAM Principle Document for Preventing and Providing Support against Sexual Exploitation, Abuse and Harassment. Furthermore, ASAM has a “Zero Tolerance Policy” against Sexual Exploitation and Abuse.

Within the framework of our ongoing/upcoming project, we are looking for a teammate for the role of “Inclusion and Disability Specialist” to be assigned in Ankara with the following qualifications.


Job Description

  • Cooperating with non-formal education experts and other stakeholders to design an inclusive life skills curriculum as part of the Program, based on the children’s’ different needs and skills,
  • Developing diverse learning strategies, materials and resources for children with different learning styles,
  • Planning activities, which is inclusive of the identities of all beneficiary children under the Program, which will raise children’s awareness, and promote respect to cultural diversity,
  • Ensuring that areas of education and activity are accessible by all children, regardless of their physical competencies or sensory vulnerabilities,
  • Encouraging equal and inclusive participation in the programs formed with up-to-date methods of education and facilitating activities,
  • Identifying the individual learning needs and challenges of children and designing personalized programs that facilitate learning when necessary,
  • Including parents and caregivers in the learning process and organizing trainings and workshops to ensure their participation in inclusive learning,
  • Following up the global education trends and education policies and contributing to the development of the Program accordingly.

Required Qualifications

  • Preferably having graduated from Faculties of Education or a relevant Social Sciences discipline of universities, or having completed a Master’s Degree in this field; having a Pedagogical Formation Certificate,
  • Preferably completed a Master’s Degree in this field,
  • Preferably experienced in working with vulnerable groups,
  • Preferably experienced in working in similar fields,
  • Good command of MS Office programs,
  • Strong communication skills; motivated in teamwork,
  • Good command of English.


Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. No notifications will be made via phone or e-mail.